Indulge in the authentic flavors of The Garage by Izustarri, our restaurant where every dish is crafted with love and care. Our homemade creations showcase a delightful fusion of tastes, emphasizing Spanish, Filipino, and American comfort food. We take pride in using locally sourced products, ensuring a fresh and vibrant dining experience that captures the essence of Siargao. Explore our diverse menu, where culinary excellence meets the rich tapestry of the island's flavors. Join us at The Garage by Izustarri for a unique gastronomic journey through homemade goodness, spotlighting the best of locally inspired cuisine.

the Garage by Izustarri : Our food

Pretzel buns with garlic & malungay butter, Gazpacho, Mac n' cheese (with bacon), Pita falafel

(*) Free breakfast options for hotel guests - (V) Vegetarian - (VV) Vegan

Breakfast (all day)
Toast & Jam(*) (V) Toasted mini baguette with butter and jam ₱190
Andalusian(*) (VV) Traditional southern Spanish toast with grated tomato, garlic and olive oil ₱190
Vegan smoothie bowl(VV) Home made granola, puffed rice, soy milk, fruits... ₱300
KanoYour choice of bacon or chorizo with eggs, roasted potatoes and toast₱380
Pancakes(V)3 buttermilk pancake stack with fruits, whipped cream and latik₱360
Funnel cake(V)Deep fried pancake batter with fruits, whipped cream and latik₱360

Roka Home made tuna in olive oil, chilly, green bell pepper, pickled onions & mayonaise (served with a side of tostones) ₱350
Brillante Sqid ink mollete bread with fried calamari and alioli (served with a side of tostones) ₱310
Bocata de chorizo Home made mini baguette with chorizo, roasted bell peppers and mustard (served with a side of tostones) ₱330
Pita falafel(VV)Home made pita pockets, falafel and tahini with salad and a little home made hot sauce in case you like it spicy.₱340
Mortadella bagelHome made bagel with cream cheese, mortadella, pickled gerkins, sundried tomatoes and mustard and a side of kamote fries₱360

Gazpacho(VV) Traditional southern spnish cold tomato soup ₱220
Pomelo Salad(VV) Apple, tomato, pomelo, cabbage, peanuts and fried garlic ₱280
Ensaladilla rusa Traditional Spanish cold potato salad with green peas, carrots, tuna & mayonaise ₱360
Kankong croquetas(V)Deep fried bechamel and kankong croquetas₱290
Pretzel buns(V)Home made pretzel buns with garlic & malungay butter₱160

Palapa Traditional dish from the Maranao tribes in western Mindanao. Fish coconut, turmeric, ginger, chili... served with rice ₱360
Vegan ravioli(VV) Home made kankong pasta with roasted pumpkin, eggplant and garlic. Served with a red roasted pepper sauce ₱360
Vegan noodles(VV) Home made kankong noodles with spicy peanut sauce and fried tofu ₱300
Bango´s & mashChorizo, mashed potatoes & green beans with our home made gravy₱390
Mac & cheese(V)Macaroni and our very creamy cheese sauce₱360
Bonito con tomateTuna in our home made tomato sauce. Served with rice₱360

French friesFried potato chips(VV) ₱160
Yuca fritaFried yuka / kassava chips(VV) ₱160
Kamote friesFried sweet potato chips(VV) ₱160
Plain rice(VV)₱50
Garlic rice(VV)₱70

DessertsAll desserts have peanuts
Kalamansi & merengue pie(V) ₱290
Apple crumble(V)with vanilla icecream by Kolekbibo ₱290
Chocolate cake(V)flourless cake with peanut butter icing ₱220

Shakes(VV)Made with fruit & coconut water only (papaya, banana, mango, pineapple, coconut) ₱170
Kalamansi juice ₱120
Black CoffeeBrewed coffee ₱140
Coffee with milkBrewed coffee with a choice of regular or plant based milk (+ ₱20)₱160
Soda/Tonic/Ginger ale₱120
Wine(by the bottle)Ask our staff

Pilsen San Miguel Pale Pilsen ₱110
Light San Miguel Light ₱110
Redhorse Redhorse Stalion ₱130