Discover The Rooftop, Izustarri's rooftop bar in Burgos, Siargao. Indulge in a curated selection of delicious cocktails in a chic, private setting. Exclusively accessible to hotel guests, The Rooftop offers an intimate ambiance for elevated experiences. Stay tuned for special public events announced on Izustarri's Instagram stories. Elevate your Siargao stay at The Rooftop - where sophistication meets exclusivity.

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Pilsen San Miguel Pale Pilsen ₱110
Light San Miguel Light ₱110
Redhorse Redhorse Stalion ₱130
Soft Drinks
Soda/Tonic/Ginger ale₱120
Cuba Libre

Rum, Coke and kalamansi juice

Gin & Tonic₱190
Old Cuban Rum, kalamansi juice, mint, ginger and Angostura bitters ₱260
Margarita Tequila, triple sec, & kalamansi juice ₱260
Tequila SunriseTequila, orange juice & grenadine₱260
Gin SouthsideGin, kalamansi juice, mint and blue turnate₱260
Lynchburg LemonadeBourbon, triple sec, kalamansi juice & lemon/lime soda₱260
Espresso MartiniVodka, coffee, Kahlua and simple syrup₱260